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Holmes Farm

Fishing in leicestershire, Market Harborough – Holmes Farm

Market Harborough, east midlands
Fishery Type
Fishery Stocked
Fly Fishing Only
Type of Water
Types of Fish
Bream / Roach / Carp / Perch / Rudd /
0 (Km)
Additional Info
Day Tickets, Concessions and Season Tickets available.
Sorry, we don't have any price information for this fishery
Permit Type Available
Day and Season
Permit Angling Club
Permit Contact
Mr. John Bevin
01858 463027 MOB 07710 811600


Ben(23/06/2015 09:41)
High i understand the carp have been spawning recentley just wanted to no if they still are ?
g beesley(14/09/2016 17:24)
I am trying to find out the same information try John Adams
Ray England(13/09/2016 09:57)
hello i hope you can help me out , im fishing this saturday with overstone lakes caravan park at your lake and i just wondered if you could give me some information. what methods work ie pole, feeder, method etc how to fish these far bank middle on the bottom etc. also what baits are working well at the moment. i have never fished here before so any help would be brilliant thanks Ray p.s i cant find a websitew for your place to get this information if there is one please let me know what it comes under, i have tried Holme Farm, Holmes Farm Fishery etc.
neal butterworth(08/08/2016 14:07)
can you tell me how to fish your lakes and what bait is best as i have a match on saturday 13th august with adroit ?ac , i think the lake begins with the letter l and its got an island on it
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