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Northgate Fishery - Wychnor Park

Fishing in staffordshire, Burton-on-Trent – Northgate Fishery - Wychnor Park

Burton-on-Trent, west midlands
Fishery Type
Fishery Stocked
Fly Fishing Only
Type of Water
Types of Fish
Carp /
1.61 (Hectares)
Sorry, we don't have any price information for this fishery
Permit Type Available
Permit Angling Club
Northgate Fisheries Ltd
Permit Contact
Mr Jim Gough
01283 790937


Alan(27/09/2016 19:33)
Went to check this place out today for a future fish. Myself and my mate parked the car and couldn't find anyone around so we took a stroll around the pool to check possible swims . A lovely spot with mature trees all around. Lots of carp topping too. However when we got back to the car we were met there by Mr Gough the owner who lives on site. He came out to us but before we could introduce ourselves and enquire about the fishing he proceeded to some a tirade of verbal abuse towards us both. I do believe the first words out of his mouth were "WHAT THE F***K ARE YOU TWO DOING ON PRIVATE LAND" followed by "BOTH OF YOU F***K" OFF" obviously shocked and astounded at this and still trying to understand his behaviour he then began to walk towards us whilst swearing at us, I actually think he was going to try and physically attack us both, but he had second thoughts when he saw both of us standing there. I tried to reason with him and explain why we were thereand what our intentions were, on several occasions I requested he ceased swearing at us. But we literally couldn't get a word in edge ways! All i can say is it was a good job we were both reasonable men and wanted no part of his behaviour! It may have been a totally different story if we had been two unreasonable men! I can only assume Mr Gough suffers from some kind of mental instability to be able to behave like this towards two perfect strangers who were doing nothing other than enquiring about the fishing pool !! It's safe to say we won't be fishing there and i recommend anyone thinking of doing so stay *WELL CLEAR OF THIS VENUE* not matter how good it purports to be!
Joe(01/10/2016 02:50)
House is being sold, so will be under new owners soon ?? come back in a few months when it's up and running again - I believe it has been privately rented to a fishing club in Wolverhampton until now
Rob(30/05/2017 16:41)
Hi could you tell me if the lake is still open to the public for day tickets. I have fished here many times but not for a couple of years
Shane(25/04/2014 16:37)
Anyone know what the fishing is like here? Carp wise and course wise
Simon(10/05/2014 16:20)
fished this place a few times, carp fishing is brilliant, well stocked with carp from 5lb - 20lb, maybe bigger? nicely set out, would recommend.
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